58mm Professional Lens Kit

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Quick Overview

Mounts on existing lenses
Can be used with zoom lenses
Eliminate ghosting and glare
Infrared & macro capable
Compatible with video & still cameras


58mm Wide Angle & Telephot Lenses
This professional 58mm 2x Telephoto & 0.45x Wide Angle Lens and Filter Kit lets you shoot far and wide,
combining two cost-effective conversion lenses and filter kits made of precisely engineered, multi-coated glass.
Both the 2.2x telephoto and 0.43x wide angle converter mount easily onto your camera's existing lens, letting
you capture action both faraway and close. Whether you're shooting with a camcorder's built-in zoom or the
interchangeable lens of a DSLR, as long as the filter thread measures 58mm, these solid, lightweight performers
will help your camera see the world through new eyes.


This filter kit adds protection to your lens as well as enhancing image quality.

UV Protector filter

  • Protects your camera lens from dust, moisture, scratches and fingerptins
  • Provides additional benefits of correction for Ultraviolet(UV) light which can register on film and videotape as a bluish cast and can obscure distant details
  • Can be left on the lens at all times
CPL Circular Polarizer filter
  • Removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass
  • Increases color saturation, creating deep, rich scenics images
  • Add contrast to blue skies and water shots
  • Idial for outdoor photography, minimizes haze
  • Filter can be rotated to determine the amount of reflection to be removed
FL-D Fluorescent Correcting filter
  • Corrects green cast that appears when shooting under general purpose fluorescent lighting
  • Dramatically increases color saturation of subjects under natural light

58mm Close Up Macro Kit
The 58mm close up macro kit includes 4 filters (+1 +2 +3 +4) which gives you macro like results with nearly any lens
you pair them with. These filters decrease the minimum focus distance of any lens, providing macro-like results.  You can
combine the filters together to increase their strength and to fine tune your close-up settings.

58mm Petal Lens Hood
This lens hood prevents glare and lens flare by blocking out stray light. The lens hood also adds shock absorption to
help protect your lens from impact damage. It easily screws onto any lens with a 58mm diameter and includes a locking
collar for consistent positioning. As this lens hood can be used with lenses of varying focal lengths, its tulip shape is designed
to prevent vignetting while still blocking unwanted light from entering your lens.

58mm White Balance Lens Cap
 Ideal for use with digital cameras. Just place the white balance lens cap, point your camera at a subject area, and the
incoming light is diffused to create an average white balance for a particular scene. (Check camera manufacturer's manual
for setting white balance.). The White Balance Lens Cap easily slips on to the front of any appropriately sized lens, or a lens
with a protective filter. Even if your lens has a bayonet mount on the outside, simply use the adapter provided. The lens cap
comes with a handy loop to connect it to a camera strap or strap lug so you don't lose the cap.
58mm Center Pinch Lens Cap
A front lens cap with a squeeze, spring and snap-on mechanism. They're easy to put on and take off, especially when using lens
hoods, and they stay on. Lens caps protect your lens from scratches, fingerprints and the elements when the lens is not in use.
It's always good to have a spare in your camera bag, too.

58mm 0.45x Wide Angle Lens
58mm 2x Telephoto Lens
58mm CPL MCUV FLD Filter Kit
58mm +1 +2 +3 +4 Close Up Macro Filter Kit
58mm White Balance Lens Cap
58mm Center Pinch Lens Cap

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