Haida Circular Polarizing C-POL Filter 95mm

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Special alloy made frame, of Haida's normal metal ring thickness
Reduces glare in water and reflective surfaces, great for foliage in making leaves less shiny
Enhances Colors, Darken Blue Skies turning them into deep rich blues
Protects your camera lens from dust, moisture, scratches and fingerprints
Double threaded to stack additional filters such as: ND, UV, etc.


"Haida Circular Polarizing (C-POL) Filters use the neutral polarization material, without any color cast. Through special techniques to glue them together
with optical glass, also with special crack resistance treatment.
For the concern that you may go to the rain forest where it's hot and wet, or to an area where it's freezing, so an excellent quality CPL filter must go
through the extreme temperature difference.
Under these circumstances, an ordinary Polarizing Filter will always have the problem of air bubble or adhesive failure. But Haida's special strict
processing technique just put an end to all these bad results may occur.
When using the Polarizing filter, smooth rotation will be needed to take the brilliant pictures. Ordinary CPL filters could easily get frozen when in
low temperature, or lose the comfortable damping feel in high temperature. Our special processing technique guarantee each CPL filter from Haida
has the steady rotating function between -40℃ and 80℃."

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